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Rhino Props: Acrow Props

RHINO PROPS™ is a Sydney based company supplying quality acrow props to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Expanding fast, we have dealt with clients from high rise builders through to hire companies in remote mining towns.

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What makes our acrow props
so good?

Two Handles

  • - No need to use a hammer to loosen
  • - Tighten right up against a wall
  • - Great for hire companies, eliminates damage to the collar from hammer impact

The Best Steel

  • - Rhino Props™ uses IS:1239 Hot-Dipped Galvanised Ravindra© Steel
  • - Offers longer life protection against corrosion.

New Pin Design

  • - Doesn't tangle while erecting
  • - Doesn't damage acrow prop during transport
  • - Avoids damage to your knuckles while erecting

Colour Coded Sizes

  • - Top and base plates painted different colours to show various prop sizes
  • - Easier to access acrow props in a stack
  • - Great for hire companies with large quantities

Mig Welded Joints

  • - Stronger joins between pipe and plates
  • - Less nicks and cleaner welds

Quality Built

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Acrow Props Sale

Rhino Props is Australia‛s distinguished supplier of superior quality acrow props. Based in Sydney, we provide acrow props to the entire Australian construction industry with utmost precision. Our products are supplied to numerous places including Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Melbourne. A strong team backed by vast industry experience works round the clock at Rhino Props to fulfil customer‛s needs.

We are one of the largest stockists of a full range of scaffolding equipment. A wide range of props gives quick and affordable access to equipment that suits all different types of constructions and renovations. Whether you need acrow scaffolding props for maintenance project or new construction; we offer solutions for every need. Rhino Props also leads in acrow prop for sale in Western Australia.

Rhino props provide a solid grounding for precision-based construction work. As a leading supplier of acrow props in Sydney, we understand how props contribute to the performance of the construction work. No matter where you are located, we provide the right solution for your need to form work scaffolding equipment.

Our props are simple to erect and give firm support for the works. Variety of sizes is available in different materials like aluminium and steel. The products are quickly adjustable to stand for various heights and can be accommodated for different types of construction projects. From medium to heavy duty; we stock all types of props for guaranteed support. With Rhino Props at your services, you need not look anywhere for your needs. We offer acrow props for sale in Sydney and all other regions.


Our Acrow props are manufactured with high engineering standards using the latest technology. The products comply with Australian Standards and ISO 9001 quality standards. Rhino props pass Australian standard tests. The products are supplied with a manufacturer‛s warranty. Strong yet light weighted props are easy to transport and install.

Our Clients

With our large customer base and strong logistic affiliations, we are able to deliver formwork acrow props for sale in Melbourne, Gold Coast, Canberra, and many other regions. Once the order is placed, we strive to achieve the fastest delivery to the given destination.

Our Team

Rhino Props is a team of highly trained and experienced professionals with profound knowledge of scaffolding equipment and their right application. With our experience and knowledge, we serve as the best consultation to buy the right kind of prop to suit your needs. We specialize in customized scaffolding solutions for residential, industrial, and commercial applications. At Rhino, we supply cost-effective and easy-to-install props made to ensure optimum safety to the workers.

No matter how big or small the construction is, we can meet your total needs from a wide range of size from 0 to 4 and adjustable tubes. With all sizes and types of props and scaffolding tubes, we are your one-stop solution for acrow props in Australia. Over many years, we have established ourselves as a leading formwork supplier for the booming construction industry of Australia. Call us for more details on high-quality acrow props of your requirement. Our team will support in creating innovative solutions for quick and safe installation.