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Acrow Props for Sale in Sydney

19 NOV 2018

Rhino Props ends your search for high-quality acrow props of various sizes and categories. Rhino Props is a leader in the supply of this crucial construction equipment. Also known as acrow jack or shore prop, acrow props provide temporary but essential support during construction.

If you are looking for acrow props for sale in Sydney, Rhino Props is the right place. We are a renowned supplier of scaffolding equipment serving Australian Industry for many years. High-quality props made of durable stainless steel provide the sturdy support needed for erecting formwork.

What is an Acrow Prop

Acrow prop is a tubular piece of steel available in various sizes. The props are used to provide temporary support to the formwork during the construction. The props feature adjustable bearing to control tightening for different loads.

Props are used for refurbishments as well as new building structures. Various structures like vertical beams, windows and doorways. Different size available at Rhino Props let the customers choose the right support for efficient performance.

Originally, acrow props were created to give vertical support. With the times, the props have been extended to horizontal tubes as well to support trenchwork. At Rhino, customers get all types of tubular props for horizontal and vertical support.

How to Buy Best Acrow Props in Sydney

Acrow props are either purchased or hired for a short period. Rhino is offering acrow props for sale in all the Australian regions. We supply props for sale in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth, and other places. If you are looking for acrow props on sale basis, Rhino is the largest supplier in Sydney.

The products are designed to meet the current industry trends in construction. Our props are made from durable stainless steel and cost-efficient. The stainless steel telescopic props save costs and also maximise safety and efficiency at the construction sites.

Call or visit Rhino Plast and get the best assistance and consultation to buy the right size of the prop as per your requirement. Our experts have a great insight into understanding the exact need. Whether it is a residential construction or a commercial; we advise you to buy the right product at the most competitive price.

Uses and Benefits

We supply acrow props for horizontal as well as vertical support. The products are also used as scaffolding equipment. The major purposes served by the products are as given-

• Creating formwork for window or archway or doorway
• Removing a wall
• Supporting beams
• As for raking shores for creating columns and stairs
• Providing temporary support for beams, canopies, lintels, and window or doors

The benefit of using props is the strength provided out of strong support. Props make additional support products versatile and are compatible to use in combination. They are often used in combination with brackets and timber needles.

Rhino Props is a market leader in acrow props for sale in Sydney and other regions of Australia. The experts at Rhino hold immense experience and knowledge of the Australian construction industry. The products supplied are complying with all the safety standards and hence most reliable. We also provide training support for proper installation.

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