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Acrow Props for Sale in Western Australia

19 NOV 2018

Stainless steel acrow props have quickly replaced wooden props and other scaffolding equipment. This tube-like structure is popular equipment used during construction. Since made from steel, they are light weighted and simple to transport and load. Moreover, they also offer better durability compared to traditional wooden supports.

The props which are mainly meant for vertical support are also extended as trench struts to give horizontal support. The products are adjustable for controlling heights and width using loose pins and screw threads. Hence, they are best to use in different types of construction sites regardless of the size of the project.

Acrow Props Suppliers

Rhino Props is supplying superior quality acrow props for sale in Western Australia. We are a leading supplier to construction companies of Kimberley, Gascoyne, Mid West, Pilbara, and others. The construction industry is one of the largest growing industries in Australia. The commercial constructions are executed on large scale with the rapid growth of various industries.

With such gigantic presence, props are needed in huge quantities. Rhino Props is supplying props in small as well as large quantities for sale. The durability and warranty of the product make Rhino the most popular choice in all the regions of Western Australia. We are contributing lot of efficiency and profitability by supplying cost-effective props.

Installation Tips

Our acrow props are simple to install and very adjustable to different constructions. The innovative designs and versatility make it possible to use them for different purposes. They are used as a temporary support, falsework support as well as raking shores. For any use, they are simple to erect and install. Erection of props is possible in a few minutes to get a reliable and reasonable formwork.

As you install the props, it is essential to focus on the points of contacts. The proper installation provides firm support for efficient groundwork. The props should be installed on a good and stable ground for better performance. Hence, before you erect props, carry out any remedial work if necessary. The props should be fully levelled to distribute the load evenly.

The base plates can be rested with the supportive sole boards. Proper and even installation prevents collapsing of the upper surface and allows props to take the load. Proper positioning of the props is equally important. Vertical installation with a considerable gap is the best and prevents props from getting knocked down.

Safety Tips

Once the installation is complete, check the props for proper placement. Fix any loose positioning if detected. Instruct the project workers to check the props at the start of every session. Also instruct professional to inspect the props regularly for proper placement and load. No prop should be overloaded as it may cause collapse.

At Rhino Props, expert consultants provide guidance on using acrow props. Being a leading in the supply of acrow props for sale in Western Australia, we know how you can use the props without any risk. Proper installation and use of safety wear for the workers are the best ways to avoid any unwanted incidents. Our high-quality props let the workers erect them in short time and provide security during the work in progress.

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