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Acrow Props Perth

23 FEB 2019

Rhino Props is a renowned supplier of acrow props in Perth. The adjustable formworks are supplied to construction and engineering industries in Australia. Our large stock contains props of various specifications and sizes. The products are sourced from the top makers of formwork in Australia. Adjustable scaffolding props are manufactured using top grade steel material.

Our supply network spans across many cities in Australia including Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, and Perth. The props are developed using galvanized steel complying with all the industry standards. All the materials are quality passed and supplied as per customer requirements. Adjustable props are used for vertical and horizontal support by underpinning at the sites.

Uses of Adjustable Acrow Formworks

The tube-shaped telescopic formworks are used at the construction sites. They give temporary support to the beam works and internal ceilings. These scaffolding products give stable support to slabs, walls, floors, and temporary beams. Vivid heights are fulfilled with telescopic props available in various sizes. The tensile strength of high quality steel material ensures longer shelf life. Due to great galvanized quality, the products are non-corrosive and non-abrasive.

Props for sale are easily available with us at any time. No matter how large is the volume, we deliver the material right at your doorsteps. With a large stock of varied sizes, you can order props with us.

The adjustable props are used in two ways. The screw thread allows the tightening of the products to adjust the different loads. In another case, a loose pin is placed through many holes of the inner tube. Users can get products for a wide range of adjustments at the building sites.

Affordable Shoring Props for Construction

Traditionally, the builders preferred the props made of timber. The timber props were cut to fit for every different job. However, these props were not stable and long-lasting support.

Over the years, metal props became popular worldwide. Whether it is a new structure or building alteration, shoring props are used for temporary support. Pair of props is used under the brickwork for firm support. Besides horizontal support and vertical beams, they can also be used for doorways and windows.

Since the plates of the props are small, they are suitable for the vertical load. In the case of sideways, the tubes should be laced with the poles.

Safe Use of Props in Construction

The steel props are by now widely accepted as a safe tool to use at the construction site. These sturdy telescopic structure made of steel comprises 4 parts. A small pin, a collar, a female section, and a male section make the complete prop. The two sections get adjusted to give a suitable height. The holes in the section allow the pin to provide tightening for firm support on the ground. They can be further adjusted using the collar or the winding collar.

Erection of these steel posts creates a trench structure suitable for building. When you are looking for acrow props Perth, Rhino Props is the right place. We offer props for sale belonging to all the 5 different sizes.