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9 hard and fast rules to get you through your apprenticeship.

18 MARCH 2014

Construction Site

An apprenticeship can have its highs and lows…generally you get a high when the boss praises you for doing something good. That’s when you can get a bit cocky and that’s when the lows can hit… a lot of the time the lows happen because you have fucked up in some way and now have pissed off the boss man. Below is a list ways to stay on that high.

Be the first to arrive and last to leave. Turn up five minutes before everyone else, shut the gate at the end of the day. Simple!
Always offer to buy the coffee and pick up lunch orders. That is everyday until the last day of your apprenticeship.
Before asking the boss, ask yourself what would he do? If you still don't know then ask.
Buy as many tools as you can afford…you will miss the government grant when its gone.
Thursday night pub missions – Everyone does it, just don’t talk about it at work, and whatever you do don’t show that you are hung over. Stop going once you hit 2nd year.
Don’t drink and drive! You will loose you license…and your job!
Listen at TAFE – Seriously, listen at TAFE, write down notes, and try to get more then the minimum pass in your exams.
Take you time with your work, make sure you only have to do something once. It's better to get yelled at for been slow then having to rip down your work and start again.
If you are having personal problems – Sort your shit out. Nine times out of ten when someone losses their focus at work it is because of external forces. If you are having any problems (relationships, money, family, drugs) ask for help.... Turn to your mates, your boss or call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit their website Lifeline.


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